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FitN6 Weeks

FitN6 Weeks

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This is an online weight loss program that includes video workouts and a diet plan that includes multiple options for men and women. This program is equipped with everything you need to be successful from cooking options, the importance of meal prepping, and much more. This online workout program does not require any workout equipment and can be done almost anywhere. Workout for thirty minutes, 4 days a week, while following a diet plan and burn the fat right off in six weeks. 

This Program Includes:

  • Women’s Diet
  • Mens’s Diet
  • Cooking Options
  • Food Taste Enhancers
  • Full Workout Videos


After Purchasing This Program:

  1. On this website go to the “Main Menu” and click “My Online Programs”
  2. Create a login if you don’t have one already
  3. After creating a login you will receive a “Customer Account Activation” email (check promotions, spam, and junk folders if you don’t see it in your inbox)
  4. Open email, activate your account, and return to website (www.weightpushafitness.com)
  5. Go to the “Main Menu” and click “My Online Programs”
  6. Login and access your Programs